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This is the third generation testing software solution created by Iliad. The focus is to deliver the power of service virtualisation to payments testing; marrying the power of virtualisation with the specific technical requirements of the payments industry.

The product has been developed to a clear set of design principles:

  • Open three layer architecture.
  • Limit coding to an absolute minimum.
  • Maximise the use of configuration to support ease of change.
  • Use of open database standards.
  • Deliver an always on 24×7 end to end testing environment.
  • Full auditability and regression support.
  • Strong access controls to manage access to test systems, assets and data.


Unlike conventional test tools, t3 Switch does not simply simulate end points. Instead it surrounds the system(s) under test with a deep layer of virtualised testing capability. The core of the system is an engine that provides enormous flexibility around the creation and modification of tests. Each is available to every user with access rights and is highly configurable. One of our fundamental design principle was to minimise coding and maximise configuration.

The system supports multi legged transactions to allow users to see the real world impact of a tests end to end and not simply in a set of discrete pairs distributed across multiple test tools. This means your teams can work on the full end to end testing environment across the entire system under test. t3 Switch models the real world and permits it to be virtualised many times over to enable maximum effectiveness of testing personnel. This removes the lost time of people waiting for others to complete the job and eliminates human “white space.”

The graphical user interface supports ease of access for testers and administrators. The fully auditable database allows full investigation and analysis of results and comparisons with previous events.

T3 Switch Architecture
T3 Switch Test results

Token Vault

t3 Switch provides the ability to model any component in the tokenisation process supporting full testing of a fast evolving industry driver. The t3 Switch token service provider supports multiple token APIs and all interactions, message flows, encryption and cryptogram features between:

  • Cardholders (e commerce/device/digital wallet)
  • Merchant
  • Acquirer
  • Payment Network
  • Token Service Provider
  • Card Issuer

This is available as part of an integrated t3 Switch environment, or on a standalone basis to integrate with existing testing systems if required.


t3 Switch provides a full performance suite to support stress and performance testing. The core engine can be configured to support multiple end points and has been tested to drive up to 15,000 transactions per second.

Iliad’s professional services personnel are available to assist in the configuration of a test environment if required, and to provide support throughout the performance testing process to ensure success.

The GUI provides quick and intuitive understanding of the results

T3 Switch Test results
T3 Switch screen shot

Clearing and Settlement

In any payments environment, the process of clearing and settling transactions is fundamental. That’s what secures the funds.

It is important institutions test clearing files to ensure no issues with schemes during the settlement process. Often this is done directly with the scheme and can incur additional cost and time as well as creating bottlenecks or inconvenience in test schedules.

Iliad has created t3 Switch Clearing and Settlement to address this issue and remove the problem. Clearing files can be created from authorised transactions; from external files or using t3's bulk file creation wizard. The files can be analysed and a hover capability enables information to be accessed and reviewed.

Transaction files can be interrogated and users can search for specific data using a number of variables such as transaction currency code or card number.

It’s everything you need for testing…

T3 Switch is a sophisticated test platform that supports open standards, delivers full flexibility and maximises configuration over coding to enable simplicity and speed of deployment. It is proven to deliver a real shift in the testing arena, creating a holistic view of enterprise test assets for any organisation.

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