t3 Portal delivers the full power of t3 Switch in a dynamic, more intuitive and controlled manner. This means that less technical “investment” is required to perform critical tasks in the testing of traditional payment methods and the adoption of emerging ones.

The solution aligns with and extends the core architectural capabilities of t3 Switch through to:

  • Cloud Native
  • Scalable
  • Multi-tenant
  • Data & Service Isolation
  • Workflows
  • Reporting
  • Responsive UI

t3 Portal delivers a powerful response-based presentation and orchestration engine.

Deployment of a scheme involves a number of stages from inception to set up, and throughout its lifecycle. These vary slightly from scheme to scheme, but are typically:

  • Exposure of electronic specifications
  • Sandbox Provision
  • Intra Bank Testing and pre-certification
  • Certification and On boarding
  • Ongoing regression as formats and rules change, as well as the in-house platforms of institutions connecting to the service

Electronic Specification

Provide living and intuitive specification. Remove risks of each individual member interpreting specification differently.


Support software development and validate message exchange.

Participant Testing

Enable FI to prove message exchange with virtual model of scheme to demonstrate certification ready.

Automated self-certification. Validate member ready state for scheme.

Pre-certification, Certification and On-boarding

Enable FI to prove message exchange with virtual model of scheme to demonstrate certification ready.

Automated self-certification. Validate member ready state for scheme.

Ongoing regression

Support for new mandates, releases and versions of scheme, and all changes to participant’s own systems.

Structure diagram for t3 Portal

Smarter Testing

In addition, there is a growing need in the payments sector for simpler testing, moving towards a project based (controlled or structured test) approach, particularly for large scale organisations. This is focussed on encapsulating test projects into simply-executable formats that allow less experienced staff to follow pre-defined projects to test completion. Dashboard views show progress and success for monitoring by individuals and their management.

Global Connectivity

t3 Portal harnesses the enterprise capability of t3 Switch with its large library of protocols, modules and modern payment components.

connectivity diagram for t3 Portal

t3 Portal has been rapidly adopted by major organisations providing them with a completive edge. These include:

  • A large card brand simplifying the adoption of its core proposition by the world’s largest country, connecting hundreds of banks. The solution is based on ISO20022.
  • The world’s largest provider of Real Time payments solutions testing and certifying its members worldwide – supporting ISO8583, ISO20022 and Open API.

t3 Portal breakdown

  • Electronic specification
  • Sandbox
  • Intra-Bank testing
  • Pre-certification and Certification
  • On-boarding
  • BAU Project Based - Controlled or Structured testing

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Electronic specification

Assessing, analysing and interpreting specifications before a build or changes to software is a hugely demanding job for all institutions participating in a scheme. No matter how well written, the complexity and length of the specifications create a significant volume of work for the people writing them, either for interfaces or changes to them.  t3:Portal allows a scheme to publish an electronic version of the specification – pre-sandbox. This allows users to access the specification in a much more accessible form, and reduces the risk of misinterpretation in the software development phase.

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Providing a sandbox that mirrors the behaviour of the system interface supports the next phase of any scheme deployment (or indeed new interface to an existing scheme). Messages can be sent or exchanged with the sandbox and behaviours configured to reflect the way an interface will respond in real life.  This is further supported by the ability of t3:Switch to synthesise data, which enables a user to enhance the sandbox process so that it more closely resembles the real world state.

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Intra-Bank testing

Prior to certifying, institutions can expose testing services to their members, enabling them to ready themselves for the pre-certification process.  Deployment of initiatives such as Immediate Payments demands significant internal change for participants, who often have to associate tens of systems that have never worked in conjunction before.  This often provides the participants with their biggest challenge, and indeed the scheme overall, and is the point of greatest friction in the process.  The solution enables a scheme to provide a test platform for its participants, built on the same foundation used for certification.  This offers a strong starting point, as well as the opportunity to expand from the foundation to the full set of testing required by the participant organisation.

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Pre-certification and Certification

Pre-certification and certification share many attributes with member on-boarding.  The ability to configure projects, allocate timed windows, implement project timeframes and expose dashboard views is central to successful certification. t3:Portal further supports pre-certification through:

  • Full self-service approach supported by project templates and workflow
  • The ability to use the same user interface (and indeed core project set) to deliver both pre-certification and certification
  • The creation of dynamic gates using its “pass-through” capability, which enables the automatic movement from pre-certification to certification on the successful completion of pre-certification tasks
  • Work isolation across certification projects to ensure latest release compatibility
  • Built in protocol versioning, enabling a certifying body to ensure support for multiple versions of the scheme’s standard in parallel to support all stages of the test, certify and upgrade lifecycle
  • Workflows and reporting across phases.

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On-boarding of merchants or members is a critical stage of the client experience for a processor of any type.  Typically, this stage of the client journey is time consuming for both the client and the processor, and incurs significant manual effort and cost on both sides. t3:Portal removes much of the friction from this process by delivering a self-certification platform through the provision of:

  • Pre-configured on-boarding processes supported by configurable workflow
  • Full dashboard views for the organisation being on-boarded
  • Full dashboard views for the central system/institution, providing a clear view of the readiness of any participant
  • The ability to set fixed timeframes against projects, to clarify current state against expected position and possible remedial actions.
  • Profile-based roles facilitating access to the same tests, data and results accessible to a support team on the rare occasions when they are required to assist somebody on-boarding speeding resolution windows.

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BAU Project Based - Controlled or Structured testing

t3:Switch delivers a massively powerful testing engine to testers across the entire enterprise.  This is generally exposed to the test teams using the standard t3:Switch interface for testers, which delivers great power for the development of wide and deep test coverage, allowing execution and review of results with maximum flexibility.  From time to time however, an organisation may wish to create pre-configured test projects to manage and control the way in which different project teams conduct the tests.  t3:Portal supports this fully by enabling the construction and execution of projects through its intuitive UI, which does the following:

  • Simplifies and consolidates the process of running test projects
  • Integrates with internal DevOps and CI/CD
  • Extensible API facilitating advanced workflow functions
  • Distributes this capability to all test teams, engineering groups and service groups 24/7 globally
  • Provides access to same unified test data (including results) for all test engineers (Portal users and standard UI users) which speeds resolution
  • Supports the natural peaks and troughs in testing, by enabling new testers to be deployed dynamically through wizard-configured setups


Built on a Service-Based Architecture, the Iliad Product Suite ships using container-based technology, delivering vertical and horizontal scaling. Importantly this enables multiple instances to be operational in parallel without fear of interference or compromise of data. Hundreds of merchants and scheme members of test teams can work alongside each other, collaborating in real time as and when required.

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