Professional Services

Part of our core offering

Additional professional services are a core part of our overall solution. Iliad’s people bring unparalleled payment experience and knowledge, which delivers tangible benefits to you and your new development projects. Iliad utilises its own experts and those of a small number of specialist partners to provide a full array of professional services. Our current list of available services is:

  • Test Management: our test managers ensure your tests are designed and planned correctly. We can ensure the tests plans are manages through your existing project process.
  • Test Strategy: our team will develop the strategy and approach to support the needs of the project or your organisation.
  • Test Planning: our test planners will develop the specific plans to support your test strategy.
  • Test Development: our experienced test developers will work with your organisation to produce tests and scripts that support the plans and assure the system under test.
  • Test Execution: test engineers will execute allocated test and analyse the results, reporting on results and providing any learning to the project.
  • Solution Design: our senior technical team can work with you to structure the initial design of your t3 deployment. This ensures the necessary interfaces, devices and elements such as encryption types are addressed in the system to be implemented.
  • Solution Configuration: the technical team take the solution design and configure t3 to meet the specific needs of the project. They can also provide on-going adaptions to the configuration as the use of the system widens and evolves.
  • On-site and remote support: senior technicians and engineers provide services (on-site or via remote links) to support initial deployment, changes, or reconfiguration of a t3 solution in addition to a broad set of complementary services.

This comprehensive support enables Iliad to provide constant back-up at any point you need us. Should you have any questions then our team of software engineers is always available to help. Please contact your local representative if you wish to take advantage of the expertise we can provide.