Intelligent application of technology

Iliad’s success has been built on the experience of its employees and the intelligent application of its technology. Rich in knowledge of payment systems, and the testing payment systems, this group of experts adds real value to our clients’ projects and their testing capability.

Many of our clients benefit from the opportunity of talking to our team and have set up consultancy sessions, or projects, to tackle specific challenges they might be facing. If you want to talk through any issues or plans you have we are always available to partner you in developing your business. Our focus throughout all of our projects is to provide real, demonstrable value to our clients. Iliad is committed to employing the rich body of expertise available to benefit your business.

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Our products and Services

t3 Switch is our latest software and it is creates a truly virtualised end to end payment testing platform. It removes bottlenecks, reduces cost, improves the speed to market of new technology and is more resilient than any other testing solution available for payments.

t3 Switch has delivered the vision that our founders had after years of experiencing and witnessing substandard test processes. It works on the premise that testing should be truly transparent, fully shareable and fully audited. It draws on all of our expertise gathered over 25 years in both payments and payments testing.

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