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t3 is a sophisticated simulation platform for payments testing. It supports functional and non-functional testing via a single extendable product which consolidates protocols, test data and collateral into a single auditable environment. With t3 V7 you get…

  • A full acquirer and issuer solution supporting many different payment systems in live production today.
  • A system which supports EMV and non-EMV enabled cards and over 75 interfaces, devices (POS and ATM), mobile and e-commerce formats ‘out of the box.’
  • More than a traditional ‘legacy’ simulator. t3 V7 supports multiple environments and processing components from a single set of technology, allowing maximum benefit to be gained from those responsible for testing.
  • A full password control access system permitting administrator control on user access to assets, tests and data.

In deployment, t3 V7 can be used by multiple users using different simulation points concurrently. The following diagram depicts how this is achieved in a payment switch environment.


t3 V7 is formed of an integrated collection of modules that reinforce consistent and effective performance for its users:

  • Test Editor: allows test cases and test data to be set up and used in execution of tests.
  • Test Runner: allows users to run individual tests, groups of tests or regression tests and then view results, analyse against previous test results and create reports.
  • Stress GUI: allows the generation of, and execution of, performance tests.
  • Batch File Generator: allows batch files to be generated from predefined test data within Test Editor.
  • Payments Services Interface: Provides XML configuration capability.

A pre-configured Family

t3 V7 has been pre-configured by Iliad in a number of models to meet specific requirements of the UK banking industry:

Faster Payments

In this form t3 V7 emulates all the necessary elements in a faster payment environment to allow Banks to fully test their internal systems prior to certifying with the scheme certification platform. The solution will emulate inbound and outbound, scheme and client facing message standards, including payment status notifications, responses and reversals.


The Iliad Faster Payments solution has been used from the inception of the scheme by the vast majority of its members (consistently over 90%) and supports all available configurations of user environment. The solution continues to be used, and is being actively deployed, by the emerging aggregators linking into the Faster Payments scheme as a result of the recent change in rules.


Image Clearing System (ICS)

Through the Cheque & Credit Clearing Company the UK payments industry is introducing a new method of clearing cheques based upon electronic images (similar to Cheque21 in the United States). Iliad has worked with a number of UK banks to build a specific response to the testing needs generated by this initiative.

t3 V7 ICS virtualises the scheme for a particular member bank supporting only the interaction between the scheme Central Infrastructure and the specific Member Bank using t3. This removes any worries about what is happening at other member banks.

The solution shields the user from the details of the underlying XML file message construction and file formats, leaving the file manipulation and creation as automated as much as possible.

Two fundamental components drive the process within t3 V7

  1. Acting as the scheme CI, t3 will have the ability to receive, acknowledge and process an inbound file of Pay / No Pay request from the member bank being tested (where it is the Collecting Bank / Beneficiary Bank) and which are destined for other member banks.
  2. Acting as the scheme CI, t3 generates an outbound file of Pay requests which will be sent to the member bank we are testing with (where they are acting as the Paying Bank) collecting Member Banks.

The core processing functionality of the t³ FCM solution supports the functionality described in Section 8 of the ‘FCM Clearing Message Catalogue’ - from the FCM Message Flow Specification issued on behalf of the Scheme.

Seven Day Account Switching

Iliad developed the capability to support full testing of the Seven Day Account Switching Initiative introduced in the UK in 2012. The service created the requirement for UK banks to be able to transfer accounts and all associated payments (including standing order mandates, bill payment authorities, internal transfers and Direct Debit Instructions). The Iliad’s 7-day account switching solution will support:

  • A “full” seven working day guaranteed account switch service
  • A “partial” account switch service, without a seven working day guarantee

The Account Switch Service incorporates two distinct elements:

  • an online component which is provided by the existing faster payments scheme
  • a batch service which member banks were required to build and test.

Iliad utilised existing components of the family to deliver the online component of the testing requirement, which is handled by the t3 faster Payments simulator. The offline capability is supported by the specific 7-day account switching solution.

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