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We know that if your payment system fails then your brand can be in the news for all the wrong reasons within minutes of a problem. The damage to your reputation can last a lifetime.

That’s why we have developed the most specialised test tools in the payments industry.t3 is built by payments specialists for payments specialists. The modular design means you can:

  • access a simulator to replicate an individual component in your architecture with t3 V7.
  • create an entire new testing enterprise in one solution with t3 Switch.

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The universal view of an entire test environment

t3 Switch is the only end-to-end test tool built specifically for the payment industry. The unique design responds to the complex demands of any payment systems and allows you to utilise the power of service virtualisation in payment testing. The configurable nature of t3 Switch means you do not have to waste time trying to make generic test tools fit a job which needs a more dynamic framework.

t3 Switch…

  • is the world’s first solution to offer service virtualisation specifically designed to address the complexities of payments testing.
  • has a modern three tier architecture which is always on and provides consistent access to you and all personnel involved in the testing process.
  • provides support for a full set of testing: functional, performance and clearing & settlement.
  • allows for shared data, scripts and test assets which ensures IP is maximised and islands of knowledge are eradicated.
  • can Integrate with automation tools which complements t3 Switch’s regression testing capability through the application of continuous integration.
  • enables the replacement of multiple simulators, mocks and stubs, and delivers full end to end testing through a single skill set. This saves money and time and reduces risk.

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