Network International

The Organisation

Network International is a leading provider of payment solutions in the Middle East. They have grown to become the region’s most innovative payment solutions provider. Be it credit and debit card processing, ATM management and monitoring, merchant acquiring or consumer finance applications, Network International offers a range of products and services that can be tailored to specific needs.


Network International decided that they wanted to revise their test strategy and testing infrastructure, with the objective of establishing a ‘Testing Centre of Excellence’. This Testing Centre of Excellence would be required to provide the infrastructure which would support all payments testing into the future.

At the heart of this Centre of Excellence was the need for a full end-to-end, enterprise payments testing infrastructure, capable of testing not only the technical aspects of the payments lifecycle but also the business flows that underpin it. The solution needed to address the following key elements of testing and assurance:

  • The capacity to support a full range of testing functions including, but not limited to, Data migration, functional, system integration, regression, user acceptance, automation and performance.
  • Support the migration from VisionPlus to WAY4.
  • Have the flexibility to support multiple Systems under Test, in addition to the WAY4 platform, for example BASE24 and Postillion all on one test platform.
  • The ability to support a wide range payments types, channels and back office processes.

The Solution and Results

As the industry leading testing software vendor, Iliad was best positioned to provide the testing infrastructure. Iliad’s knowledge and experience not only with WAY4 but also with BASE24 and VisionPLUS meant that we were uniquely positioned to provide the test infrastructure and the fulfilment of the migration to WAY4.

In addition to being able to support multiple systems under test, t³ Switch was also best placed to introduce other payment types into the test environment as t³ supports the following payment types and processes:

  • Retail Payments
  • Wholesale Payments
  • Faster/Immediate Payments
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Payments
  • Tokenisation
  • Clearing and Settlement
  • Back Office Interface and Validation