Global Card Scheme

The Organisation

A global card scheme requiring a more flexible way to test its multiple products in a more efficient manner.


The organisation had reached a point where it had multiple simulators doing similar work across a number of teams. This generated layers of complexity and cost due to multiple products, skills and test data. Additionally, testing knowledge which had developed in the teams was isolated to individuals and could not be shared across the organisation.

The scheme was exposed to risk associated with stubs or mocks built by individual developers and testers. They were the only people with the knowledge to support or modify which was far sub-optimal from a governance perspective. The result was a disjointed, costly testing environment that was inefficient and expensive to maintain.

The final requirement was to deliver better member facing services in the pre-certification and certification processes with a view to improving performance and client satisfaction at a reduced cost.

The Solution and Results

After an extensive evaluation of the market, the organisation selected Iliad’s t3 Switch solution to meet its immediate and long term needs. Key to this decision was the potential to introduce service virtualisation to deliver robust testing and significantly improved knowledge sharing. A single database for all test and result assets increased the consistency of test data and improved performance.

A major benefit was seen in the ability of t3 Switch to deliver clearing and settlement testing as well as performance/stress testing. This all came from the same technology set which allowed genuine integration across the testing enterprise.

The Integration with an external test management tool, of which t3 Switch supports multiple, enabled full automated testing to be supported and the highest levels of regression testing to be achieved. Iliad’s solution replaced six simulators with t3 Switch. There has been a reduction in licence and support costs but, most importantly, consolidated skills to enable shared working and more fluidity in staffing

The platform has been extended to support a number of key industry initiatives across traditional and emerging channels which has provided greater levels of pre-release assurance than could be previously achieved. The scheme continues to look to extend the use of t3:Switch into new areas including comprehensive cloud based member certification and beyond.