Global Bank – United States of America

The Organisation

This global bank, based in the US, made the decision to replace its legacy retail payments system with a new, modern solution to deliver greater functionality and flexibility as well as reduce operational costs.


Our team were able to help with the analysis of its test environment which proved it to be unfit to support the migration to a new platform. Distributed teams across multiple sites used various simulators and mocks to conduct testing which were viewed to be sub-standard.

As a result of the mix of simulators and mocks, there was a heavy dependency on key personnel which created bottlenecks and inefficiencies. The result was causing major risks to such a high profile migration process. The bank decided to identify a new testing platform to support the migration effort, simplify processes and support the distributed teams with from a single testing application.

The new solution had to be able to support several interface formats including multiple ISO8583 interfaces, XML and proprietary messaging. They wanted to be as self-sufficient as possible going forward rather than depend on its vendor for modifications to the software on a day to day basis.

Ideally, they were seeking a solution that could show the results of multi legged tests (not just the standard two legged view most systems provide) which would deliver a much clearer view of what was happening across the system under test, rather than simply through a simulator.

The Solution and Results

The bank is a heavy user of virtualised testing and employs an industry leading generic solution to support its day to day business. However, the cost of adapting this solution to support payments testing was prohibitive.

Instead, the bank looked to Iliad who uniquely married service virtualisation and the ability to support the complexities of payments in its t3 Switch platform. Iliad implemented the full end to end virtualised payment platform in a matter of weeks to enable them to rapidly deploy the solution in its migration efforts.

The solution supports teams in multiple centres through a single database containing the tests and results, exposing them to the team as a whole and removing the bottlenecks associated with only certain individuals knowing a specific technology. The always on nature of t3 Switch supported an aggressive regression programme, which enabled the tight timescales the project was operating under.

The migration was a success and t3 Switch continues to provide a valuable testing platform for the bank in managing mandates, developments and the natural business evolution of a payments system.