Bottomline Technologies

The Organisation

  • Bottomline Technologies, the way businesses pay and get paid, wanted to launch their FastPay service, a new Faster Payment gateway that significantly lowers the barriers to real-time payments and associated costs.
  • The FastPay Service is an addition to the Bottomline Universal Aggregator®, Bottomline’s existing suite of aggregated payments services which provides access to Bacs, SWIFT, SEPA, Ripple and a number of international clearing houses. The Bottomline Universal Aggregator becomes the ‘one stop shop’ of choice for Payment Service Providers (PSPs), banks and corporates looking to access multiple payment and cash management systems through a single solution.


To achieve a successful commercial launch, Bottomline Technologies needed to:

  • Secure additional expertise in Faster Payments technology.
  • Build a test strategy which would enable them to simulate a real life transaction.
  • Build a new capability to manage the scale of processing requirements between different systems, and test it.
  • Achieve rapid development, allowing them to keep to their ambitious schedule and launch confidently without delay.

The Solution and Results

  • Bottomline Technologies looked at the available expertise in the market and selected Iliad Solutions as their preferred supplier.
  • Iliad has developed a version of its t3 software specifically to meet the needs of organisations looking to enter the Faster Payments market.
  • Iliad has twenty years of experience in supplying payments testing solutions and ten in Faster Payments. t3 is highly adaptable, and can be customised and configured for any test strategy within the payments industry.
  • t3 delivers a full range of testing capability, both functional and stress, to allow teams working with immovable deadlines to evaluate fully the software they have developed. This ensures that it is in line with FPS rules and conditions.
  • t3 is able to simulate transactions from end to end, so all elements can be tested prior to gaining accreditation. This is critical to success, as systems need to be tested against all conditions prior to certification.
  • Bottomline Technologies is now able to conduct a full end-to-end test and achieve 100% confidence before securing accreditation. This speeds up the delivery for new customers using their platform.
  • Bottomline Technologies was supported throughout by Iliad’s technical team. Our support enabled them to get the most out of t3’s unique capability and helped them address specific technical challenges in the project.
  • With the support of Iliad, Bottomline Technologies was able to develop their new proposition on time and on budget, ensuring that the original business case forecast was met.
  • Bottomline Technologies is also in the process of opening the channel to direct agencies. Iliad has been supporting them in this new development which will further enhance the Bottomline Technologies proposition to organisations without a Bank of England settlement account.