Here’s how it happened…

Iliad was created in 2001 by a group of colleagues that specialised in payment software. Their experience in payment technology dates back to 1991 and since then they have been challenging the established way of working and producing new ways to help financial institutions work smarter, safer and more efficiently.

Iliad is now the leader in payment testing with a client base which spans the world.

Here’s how it happened…


It starts

Iliad was preceded by a company called DNA, formed in Germany in 1996 by Anthony Walton and Christopher Spracklen. DNA developed the ASx Authorisation Switching System and ASSET test tool.

Through a merger with German company EPS the products were subsequently acquire by ACI Worldwide.

In 2001 Iliad was formed independently from EPS and the founders Anthony Walton, Chris Spracklen and Mike Wright focused on building a test practice to service the payments market.

In 2006, some eight years after designing their first test tool ASSET, work commence on a test tool focused on the needs of banks and testers rather than developers.


t3 is born

Iliad made the decision to develop its own software solution. This would address the set of fast evolving market needs the company identified as part of its day to day operations. t3, a state of the art testing solution, is built in a modular fashion to enable Iliad to build bespoke solutions around the testing needs of financial institutions across the global.

  • t3 is made available in 2008. The market reaction was positive and the company saw instant success servicing the UK Faster Payments Community.
  • In 2009 the world’s largest Payment Scheme adopts t3 as the basis for its Authorisation, Digital Wallet and Clearing Certification tool set.
  • In the same year Iliad recruits Richard Launder, ex Global Executive President ACI, as chairman with a specific view to developing a more secure long term commercial model.
  • Iliad starts to work with more and more financial institutions across the world. To achieve this, Iliad builds links with complimentary software suppliers as well as a number of distributors.




We have ongoing investment into developing Iliad and t3 Switch which takes 100% of our focus and 100% of our research and development budget. The world of payments is evolving at an unprecedented pace and we want to continue to lead the way in ensuring our customers can launch new products securely and rapidly. Keep an eye on our news section to see the latest developments…