Totally dedicated to payments

What sets us apart from many companies providing testing solutions is that, first and foremost, we are totally dedicated to payments. We do not develop technology for any other part of financial services other than for payments. This means you can be confident that you have a partner that can help you no matter what project you are working on.

How we developed our capability

Prior to the formation of Iliad, our founders were responsible for developing, deploying and supporting payment switches. This gave us a unique insight into payment system testing. We don’t believe anyone can match our understanding of payment systems.

During the early years of Iliad we developed the belief that payment testing would become increasingly critical as technological demands increased. Testing would no longer be something that a group of people did right at the end of a project. It would not be a blockage to launch nor would it be something that had to be rushed through manually. What testing would become was a core part of the process of developing and releasing code and new technology.

The next generation of testing

Our focus has been to continually develop test capability to support the profitable and safe launch of new products. We are the only company to have developed three generations of payments testing solutions.

To supply services for the needs of the developer.
The development of an application which could be used in testing to make it more efficient.
The construction of a resilient system designed to support the entire enterprise in the rapid development and deployment of new technology.


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Our products and Services

t3 Switch is our latest software and it is creates a truly virtualised end to end payment testing platform. It removing bottlenecks, reduces cost, improves the speed to market of new technology and is more resilient than any other testing solution available for payments.

t3 Switch has delivered the vision that our founders had after years of experiencing and witnessing substandard test process. It works on the premise that testing should be truly transparent, fully shareable and fully audited. It draws on all of our expertise gathered over 25 years in both payments and payments testing.

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