Board of Directors

Led by Experts

Iliad started in 2004 when the three founders looked to revolutionise the payment testing industry. The team continues to expand and if you would like to join our growth across the globe please look at our careers section for more details.

Anthony Walton CEO

Anthony Walton is the CEO and founder of Iliad.  A veteran of 25 years in the payments industry he started his career with the software division of Stratus Computer (S2).  This led him to work in Frankfurt, Germany where he founded his first company DNA in 1996 with the intention of bringing an open system switch and test tools to the payments market. Following a merger with EPS GmbH in 2001 these products (ASx and ASSET) were acquired by ACI in 2004.

Iliad Solutions was formed in 2004 with a single goal – to improve the way payment systems are tested.  Iliad’s first product t3 was launched in 2007 and is used in 16 countries by Card Schemes, Tier-1 Banks, Processors, Retailers and Software development companies.

Mike Wright Operations Director

Mike Wright is the Operations Director at Iliad. Mike worked with fellow Iliad directors at the software division of Stratus Computer (S2) for six years before joining the French testing company CYRANO SA to run their international support operation. In 1997 Mike joined DNA, and subsequently set up Iliad with Anthony and Chris. Mike has been responsible for support and delivery of Iliad’s t3 product suite, as well as admin functions covering finance, legal and HR functions

Chris Spracklen Co-Founder

Chris has been at the heart of the R&D effort for each of Iliad’s solutions. Prior to Iliad, Chris developed and supported payment engines for a number of organisations, offering real insight into the enterprise of payments software, rather than simply the external elements and interfaces.

Steve Chambers Advisor to the Board

Steve Chambers is currently engaged in a non-executive director role with Iliad. Steve has spent 30 years in the payments industry, most as an executive, with the last nine years the as CIO of Visa Europe. In that role Steve built a European payments platform and a processing organisation to run the £15bn transaction a year service.

Richard Launder Chairman and Non-Executive Director

Richard Launder has worked for over 40 years in the I.T. Industry with a number of technology suppliers to the banking industry. For the last 25 years he has spcecialised in the Payments Industry, where he has held a number of senior positions for companies providing software solutions to banks, retailers and payments processors. Most of this time Richard was The Vice President of the EMEA division of the leading payments software provider. During that time, the EMEA operation grew fivefold under his leadership. Over the last 7 years Richard has been on the boards of nine companies providing payments solutions, and been chairman of four of these. His connections with these global organisations has enabled Richard to continue using his considerable international experience wit Iliad.